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About TMPA

About Tanjung Manis Port Authority2020-09-22T16:06:52+00:00

Tanjung Manis (originally named Tanjung Mani) has a long history of being a port of calls for vessels to collect timber, mainly logs for export. In its heyday, especially in the 1960s and 1970s, active timber trades took place in Tanjung Manis. After a feasibility study has been carried out on the area, the State Government decided to develop a deep sea port at Tanjung Manis to kickstart the overall development of Batang Rajang/ Batang Igan area.

Cargo Handling Equipment2020-10-13T06:46:20+00:00

  • 1.2 x Mobile Harbour Crane
  • 2.5 x Container Reachstakers
  • 3.2 x Empty Container Handler
  • 4.11 x Forklifts
  • 5.3 sets Terminal Tractor & Trailers
Port Refurbishment2020-10-13T06:39:37+00:00

  • As vessel and cargo traffic increased, the available facilities were unable to cater for the need of the shipping communities.
  • On March 2013, State Government approved a project to refurbish and expand Tanjung Manis Port.
  • STIDC was entrusted to implement the said project which commenced in March 2013, and was completed in December 2016, with an estimated cost of RM88 million.
  • Scope of work includes
    • Landbase Facilities Expansion
      • Expansion of container yard
      • External M & E works
      • Services Building
      • Port Administrative Building
    • Seabase Facilities Expansion
      • Expansion of existing 203 m wharf by 100m
  • As decided by the State Government, the assets shall be handed over and transferred to TMPA upon completion
  • Deeds of Novation between STIDC, Naim Engineering (Contractor) and TMPA was signed in January 2017.
  • Also, State Government had approved softloan amounting RM80 million to TMPA.

Located at latitude 2 ˚ 08’N longitude 111˚21’E at right side of Tanjung Sebubal along the upper north bank of the Rajang river. It situates only 30 km from the mouth of the Rajang river with draught of 11 metres, thus providing a safe berthing place for large ocean-going vessel.Its strategic location, landforms and natural deep-water anchorage make Tanjung Manis Port a vital hub for feeders and other mode of water carriers utilizing the Rajang waterways.

TMPA Port Limit2020-10-13T06:30:40+00:00

Stretching from Latitude 08°03’52”.8 North, Longitude 112°43’04”.4 East, on the coast between Batang Balingian and Batang Tatau, to West to Tanjung Selalang position at Latitude 02°03’53”.5 North Longitude 111°11’45”.2 East.

General Info2020-10-13T06:41:25+00:00

TOTAL AREA : 98.64 acres

DEVELOPED : 32.7 acres


MAXIMUM GRT : 32,000 tonnes

LENGTH OF BERTH : 303m (length) 47m (width)



TOTAL ANNUAL : 5,870,000 tonnes

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