Greetings and Salam Ibu Pertiwiku,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to present the Annual Report and Financial Statements of the Tanjung Manis Port Authority for the financial year ended 31 December 2018.

This is the second time I present the Annual Report and Financial Statements as Chairman of the Tanjung Manis Port Authority. I am very honoured to be appointed as the Chairman of TMPA however I realize that to regulate a port which is a major trading entrance in the central region of Sarawak is a big responsibility especially with the current rapid industrial development in this region including the development of Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

One cannot deny the importance of port to the economy of the country. Each items in the market passes through a port at least once. Port plays that midpoint role for the land and sea interfacing. Thus, the efficiency of the port have a significant direct bearing on the prices of goods in the market. We wish to thank the Sarawak Government for its foresightedness in establishing TMPA as its regulatory arm to ensure the provision of efficient port services to the shipping community in this region.

Our statutory role does not deviate much from the other Sarawak state ports except that we are expected to focus more on regulating port’s operations which is provided by our approved port operator, Tanjung Manis Integrated Port Sdn. Bhd. (TMP).

For the record, TMP was appointed in 2009 as the approved port operator to Rajang Port Authority. It was detached from RPA and simultaneously be attached as approved port operator to TMPA in May 2013 when we were established.

With a skeletal approved workforce of 15, TMPA will strategize its human resources to carry out core tasks efficiently. It plans to achieve this through multiapproach competency based training, on the job training and mentoring. This shall be its main focus these first three years.

The port performance, from 2009 until 2013 shows an increasing trend to show the wise decision of the State Government in identifying Tanjung Manis as a deep sea port to facilitate and hasten the inflow and outflow of ships to support the Tanjung Manis development plan especially the Halal Hub.

To end, with Allah’s blessing I hope Tanjung Manis port will continue to play that significant role so to realize the objective of the state government to develop Tanjung Manis as one of the growth nodes under Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

Finally on behalf of the Board of Directors of Tanjung Manis Port Authority, I would like to congratulate and thank the Board of Directors of Tanjung Manis Port Authority and its employees who have successfully carried out the responsibility as a regulatory body to Tanjung Manis Integrated Port Sdn. Bhd. with satisfying achievements during 2018.

Thank you.